Masdar Institute

Ideas to breathe new life into website of one of the most innovative institutes worldwide

Crafted while working for Cactimedia, Dubai
In February 2017, Masdar Institute has been merged into Khalifa University of Science and Technology


Desktop Homepage Design, Masdar Institute

The main challenge while redesigning was to provide clean and easy access to information for students, faculty, alumni, staff and visitors


Working with Masdar Institute on multiple projects and digital media helped me to gain a deep understanding of their identity and the background of academic projects. Using this knowledge helped in creating layouts that accommodate information for all the visitor groups. The outcome was a modern, sleek and striking design that works great on mobile devices - the primary ones used in UAE. With numerous news & events, prominent visitors and striking photographs specially designated areas could give a great insight into the institute's life.


The redesign involved the process of full rethinking, analysis, research and solution finding.


Old Desktop Homepage Design, Masdar Institute

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