Diving into Development

In constant pursuit of perfection getting a broader understanding of technologies is a must to help transform ideas into reality

Driven by a constant urge to develop myself and improve my work I took advantage of the time secured for it and went on a journey to deepen the knowledge of the mechanics behind applications that I have only used to envision before.


Finished Harvard Extension School course for Building Dynamic Websites (project links below), additionally created my own MVC framework, learned Laravel, Vue.js. Currently, I focus on developing my own startup.


Three Aces

For the starter project that was built from the scratch, the main task was to create a simple MVC framework. Apart from learning PHP, this gave me the in-depth knowledge of how most of the modern frameworks work. Moreover, it was necessary to create a basic Bootstrap-like grid and model simple data structure in XML.


Development Tools: PhpStorm, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, XML
Main Tasks: Creation of MVC framework, self-made Bootstrap-like grid, design of data model



The main goal of this project was to create a website that allows users to manage portfolios of stocks and take advantage of Yahoo Finance API (which has since been discontinued and I replaced it with www.alphavantage.co). To achieve that, MVC framework created for the previous project was upgraded to include authentication and data is stored in a MySQL database. User can check the stock values using ticker symbols, purchase and sell it. The portfolio is updated every time the user opens/refreshes the website.


Development Tools: PhpStorm, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3
Main Tasks: Implementation of authentication, getting hold of MySQL and working with API's


This project allows users to visualize San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transport's routes on a Google Map and also click the stations to see when the next train arrives. The core of the application is a data structure that stores information about stations, their coordinates and routes which is populated by the application through BART API. On route selection, the application dynamically captures data using AJAX and displays it on the map. The user can then select the station to see the arrival time of the next train.


Development Tools: PhpStorm, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3
Main Tasks: Implementation of project based on Laravel framework, usage of JavaScript, jQuery, BART API and Google Maps API.


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